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Me and TVXQ

i am the person who doenst like to judge people from their appearance

So…i used to really hate Boyband who can’t sing, always do lipsing in their perfrmance, just smile and make all the girl kyaa kyaa (u know what i mean?)

Really, i hate them, they are like a big bullshit for me, i think, who doesn’t wanna to be handsome and pretty, but of course u cant order it before u were born, like “God please give me a perfect face and perfect body.” and not anybody lucky enough to had a lot of money to repair their face.

i become more apathetic to any BB and k-pop, i think they are like trash, i dont even wanna spend my time to watch them, even when all my friends told me to watch them first before i judge them. And i still tell them “NOO!”

there was only band that i like ‘L’arc en ciel’ i think they’re really great, good singer, great music abilities. So i think i will only like them for now and forever. I hate Japanesse BB, Korean BB, Indonesian BB and i like Western singer like Mariah Carey, Rihanna etc, and no matter how much i like them, i never wanna buy their original CD or their merchendaise’d, i think its nor worthed. So, i never had a slightest think that i would ever worship some Boyband name TVXQ like this.

in early 2011, a boyband era spreading in my country, yeah like i always say, they are like trash who doesnt even know how to sing, they just know how to dress up to make a bunch of girl worship them. Yeah, i hate them and i wanna make them looks like a fool to compare BB from my country with..well i dont know, but since they copy Korean style, let me take some Korean BB to pick the best from them and compare it to BB from my country.

there’s a bunch of MV that i take. i watch them one by one, but i didnt fell interseted at all, ‘till i open some MV named ‘MIROTIC’, i begin to shut my mouth, but wait, its just an MV, maybe they’re same from other BB who just can do lipsong in their performance, so i search those BB name DBSK live performance, and i found Rising sun-five in black live concert. I dont know why, but my tears start to fall, really, im not lying, my body began to tramble, they are so great.

I contact one of my friend who really like K-pop, i ask bout those BB, and she tell me a whole story bout a BB name TVXQ, bout their powerfull voice’s, their humble attitude, their great fandom name Cassiopeia, till how they finally separated and a lot of story of TVXQ.

I began to search all the things that i can get, buy all their CD that i can still get, download evey video in youtube, and sometime some video of them has been deleted from SM. And here i am now, worship TVXQ like i never love anything before, i am just beginner compare to other Cassiopeia, there’s a lot of thing that i dont know. So, if anyone ask me did i like K-pop right now, im gonna answer no, i just like TVXQ, i will waited them to back as 5 and watch their miracle that i’ve been missed for a years caused of my foolnes, i will come to their fan meeting in 30 years from now and more if i still alive, i love them.




ps: im sorry bout my grammer

DBSK sexiest MV

DBSK sexiest MV??

I think its Mirotic


See how they shake their hips


Who doesn’t wanna see Yunnie touch himself like this

Ooooh…Yunnie nipple’s….

Joongie must know what i feel..

Yoochun adam’s apple

Cant i just lick it 

it must be so yummy…

Jongie lips…

My lips moving by itself:

Junsu show off his big ‘property’ at Mirotic concert

Immediately faint:

And Changmin sexiest wet and open chest pose??

Oooh im so dead…

And im in heaven…

Always keep the faith: My reaction with Banjun drama, 'Dangerous Love'; Since 2006, until now:


When Yunho gave Jaejoong the fanfiction:


The telephone booth confession, with lines “Inside here, there’s you”



Jaejoong started to think, that Yunho has a feelings for him:


Jaejoong tripped during photoshoot and Yunho caught him:


Yunho was staring Jaejoong…

Yunho touching Jaejoong at the gym, and helping him out, and Jaejoong looked back, causing their eyes to meet:
Yunho carrying Jaejoong when he fell:
Yunho saving Jaejoong from pyschotic HeeBon:
Jaejoong hugging Yunho, saying that he’s still with Yun regardless what, though, they can’t be like that
Yunho ruining the moment, and told Jaejoong that the reason why he’s so intimate, and trying was because he broke Jae’s camera:
*clicked replay back and watch it all over again, avoiding the ending*

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.always with you.

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its for 20+, and i recomended u use a headphone when u hear this wekekekeke

idk, but i relly love this photo

idk, but i relly love this photo

i fall in love to DBSK because this MV

and i always be


Everybody, learn from JaeJoong! ^.~

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The Best in Kpop


Best leader in Kpop :


Best maknae in Kpop :


Best cook in Kpop :


Best Troll in Kpop :


Best Duckbutt in Kpop :


Best Band in Kpop :


And The Best Fanclub in Kpop :


Sorry all you jelly people ;)

*btw gifs not mine*

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